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Matthew LMT Herbalist Owner

As a Licensed LMT and Herbalist in MA, I've combined my training from the American College of Healthcare Sciences and Spartech Massage School to create a company that offers a variety of alternative therapies. Specializing in modalities like Deep Tissue, Lymphatic drainage, Swedish Massage, and Hydro Therapies, I focus on addressing physical goals such as pain relief and improved posture. My favorite practice is Herbal Hydrotherapy Massage, using compresses and herbs to induce profound effects. I also offer modalities like Thai and Swedish massage, as well as hot stone and hot herbal compress hydrotherapies, which are ideal for winter soreness and aches. These treatments provide both physical relief and a deeply meditative experience.
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Lay Sot Lead LMT

As an LMT based in Massachusetts, serving Brockton and The South Shore, I bring 18 years of experience in Massage Therapy and Traditional Cambodian/Khmer Medicine. My practice blends Eastern and Western modalities to offer a unique and compassionate healing experience. Specializing in Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Lymphatic Drainage massages, as well as Aroma Therapy and Prenatal Massage, I also incorporate South East Asian modalities like Khors Kha Chal, Gua Sha, Turmeric Therapies, and Herbal Compresses. These ancient techniques, including Khors Kha Chal and Gua Sha, aid in lymphatic drainage and myofascial restriction release. With my diverse modality knowledge, I provide a high-end yet traditional healing experience.
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David O’Connell Lead Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Tech

David specializes in Corrective Movement Therapy and Strength Training, boasting over 17 years of experience in pain relief and peak performance enhancement. His personalized programs incorporate clinically-proven therapies to optimize wellness and physical capabilities. With certifications in Active and Isolated Stretching, Personal Training, Myofascial Therapy, and more, David aims to improve mobility, alleviate chronic pain, and enhance quality of life. By addressing underlying issues stemming from injury or misuse, his approach focuses on retraining movement patterns and restoring optimal body structure and alignment. David's comprehensive bodywork program combines passive and active therapies, including Manual Ligament Therapy, Applied Movement Neurology, and Active Isolated Stretching. He collaborates with clients to create holistic wellness plans, tailoring treatments to individual needs and goals. From fitness enthusiasts to surgical patients, Movement Therapies offer sustained relief and wellness enhancement, backed by centuries of effectiveness.

Amanda Johnson - Master & Certified Life Coach

Her passion lies in the belief that each of our hearts is guiding the way to our most expansive lives - but that to live from the heart, we need to first get in touch with who we really are, not who we've been told to be. That requires an exploration of how our energy is currently showing up, and identifying what shifts can be made to feel more calm and clarity. It also requires an understanding of how our energetic bodies nervous systems and minds work, so that we can bring ourselves into balance. Through her healing work, Amanda combines her experience, education and interests to offer intuitive energy healing sessions. Amanda has an undergraduate degree in journalism and an MBA from Boston College, in addition to her reiki and coaching training. She is dedicated to creating a safe space for anyone with a curiosity about themselves to deeply connect with their heart, shift energy, and take steps to reach true


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