Massage Therapy and Traditional Body Work

Post Liposuction Lymphatic Drainage

Is a massage modality with a medical focus. The main purpose is to reduce edema and stimulate the lymphatic system. This is a great way to reduce swelling from surgical procedures or sports injuries. The massage modality also benefits the immune system and breaking of fibrotis. a session can take up to an hour and intergrated with medical modalities if their is an attending physician on site. This work is very focused based and uses light pressure, friction and botanical therapies..

In Studio

60 Minutes- $100
90 Minutes- $125


60 Minutes- $130
90 Minutes $160$

Deep Tissue Massage

Our deep tissue massage is perfect for a cathartic release of muscle tension and toxins from the body. Deep tissue massage is particularly effective for pain alleviation and eliminating discomfort resulting from muscle cramps and stress in tendons and ligaments. This massage will leave you feeling amazing and peacefully relaxed.

In studio

Deep Tissue 60 Minutes 100$
Deep Tissue 90 Minutes- 125$


Deep Tissue 60 Minutes $135
Deep Tissue 90 Minutes $160

Hot Herbal Hydro Massage

Hot Herbal Hydro Massage is an exotic and luxurious service. This services involves infused herbal compresses, aroma therapy and deep tissue or relaxation strokes, ointments and botanicals are used to release muscles, hot stones are used to soothe and rid the body of tension. Heating pads are applied to multiple areas throughout the duration of the massage This 90 minute or 2 hour services leaves you feeling revived.

In Studio Only

Integrated Hydrotherapy 90 Minutes-125$
Integrated Hydrotherapy 120Minutes 185$

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage is a Massage for woman who are pregnant and uncomfortable. There is a common myth that pregnancy is dangerous for massage. This is not really true it can be very safe ad beneficial for pregnant mothers. We can provide you some relaxation and pain relief as you bring life into the world. You will be propped up with pillows and made comfortable and supported.

In Studio Only

Prenatal 60 Minutes-110$
Prenatal 90Minutes 145$

Thai Massage

Thai massage has become a permanent fixture in spas and massage clinics in the West but the roots of this ancient technique can be traced back to 2,500 years to India deep within Ayurvedic medicine. Thai massage originated in Buddhist and Indian traditions and is one of the most effective massage techniques for a bunch of muscle and joint-related issues. It has a proven history of providing relief for headaches, back pain, joint stiffness while also revitalizing energy.

In studio

Ancient Thai Massage
60 Minutes- 120$
Ancient Thai Massage
90 Minutes- 145$


Ancient Thai Massage
60 Minutes- 145$
Ancient Thai Massage
90 Minutes- 170$

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage helps loosen tight muscles, stretch connective tissues, and relieving muscle cramps and spasms. It also promotes cardiac health with better blood circulation and catalyzes faster healing for carpal tunnel symptoms, myofascial pain, joint pains, muscle injuries, and others.

In studio

Swedish 60 Minutes- 95$
Swedish 90 Minutes- 125$


Swedish 60 Minutes 135$
Swedish 90 Minutes 160$

Kors Kha-Chol Khmer Body Work

This is a Traditional Detoxification Practice from the enchanted lands of Angkor Wat. A powerful healing light body that can be as heavy as you want. This body work modalities designed to balance the body's lymphatic and energetic systems. A scraping tool is used and is nearly painless. We use a medicated herbal application. This will cause a release in swelling and flush out impurities. This is a great alternative to massage therapy and is not sold as massage. This practiced is passed down to family members through the ages. It is enjoyed today as it was in the lost empire of the god kings. Some people will have marks as if they had cupping if they want the work deep as this practice can be used as an alternative to cupping.

In studio only

Kors Kha-Cho
30 Minutes 75$
Kors Kha-Chol
60 Minutes- 100$

Travel for this service and Continuing Education Coming soon.

Turmeric Body Steam Treatment- Traditional Khmer Body Work

botanical therapy is boiled and aromatic steam is created. Herbs and Steam will be used the whole treatment to add to the therapeutic benefits. These herbs can cause your skin to feel soft and provide relief to inflammation. This treatment has been used for thousands of years to relieve the pain of traveling monks, pregnant women after child birth, and hard working farmers who broke their backs all day for some good vegetables and rice. The turmeric, and herbs produce a warm heat providing a deep softening to the skin and potentially some anti inflammatory health benefits have been reported in clinical studies involving turmeric (Curcuma Longa). You will be asked to wear clothes you don't care about as turmeric can stain things.

In Studio Only

Traditional Khmer Turmeric Steam Therapy
60 Minutes 115

Travel service and Continuing Education Coming Soon