Meet The Team

Matthew LMT Herbalist Owner

I am Licensed LMT and Herbalist in MAI am a graduate of the American College of Healthcare Sciences and Spartech Massage School. I built this company during the lockdowns with the government unemployment that we were handed during the shut down. I have found alternative practitioners with a wide range of therapies to add to the services on the menu. I specialize in multiple modalities involving Massage, Traditional Clinical Herbalism and Hydro Therapies. I practice various massage modalities, such as Deep Tissue, Lymphatic drainage, Swedish Massage, Hydro Therapies, Myofascial Spinal Decompression and Trigger Point Therapy. My favorite Modalities to practice are Herbal Hydrotherapy Massage where compresses and herbs are applied to the body in various forms to induce a profound effect. Various modalities are centered on a physical goal such as pain relief, increased range of motion, and better posture. Others Liker Herbal and Hot Stone can be clinical or deeply meditative and entrancing. People often seek these modalities when they want to get out of pain or fall into a trance and shut their mind off. Hydrotherapy is the use of heat and cold therapies. Some traditional modalities include Thai and Swedish massage as well as Complementary Alternative Medicine & Herbalism. These modalities can make you feel like you are floating on a cloud or assist you in knowledge on how to support your body. Some hydrotherapies I offer include hot stone and hot herbal compress. Cold stones can be used upon request. These hydrotherapeutic modalities are great for your winter soreness, and aches. You will feel as if you are on the beach in Hawaii.

David O’Connell Lead Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Tech

Hi, I’m David. I specialize in Corrective Movement Therapy and Strength Training and have over 17 years of experience in helping clients relieve pain and reach peak performance. My services offer personalized stretching and strengthening programs consisting of clinically therapies to optimize wellness and physical performance. My career has spanned all areas of health and wellness. I have certifications and extensive experience in Active and Isolated Stretching, Personal Training, Sports Performance Conditioning, Myofascial Therapy, and Vinaya Yoga Teaching. I have spent the majority of my life training and studying movement therapy in order to help my clients improve their mobility, heal from chronic pain, and improve their quality of life. Most pain and mobility issues stem from either an injury or long-term misuse of the body. Unfortunately, many people spend their entire life in pain, living a less-than-ideal lifestyle, unaware that there are solutions to their problems. Proper movement therapy can relieve built-up tension in the muscles and ligaments, re-train movement patterns to be more functional, and bring your body back to its optimal structure and alignment. I have found through my considerable experience that the most effective and long-term results come from very specific movements aligned with the design and structure of the human body. Each modality of bodywork that I use in my practice has its own unique benefit. The treatments I use each fall into the category of either “passive” or “active” therapy. Active therapy requires body movement, while passive therapy does not require any movement from the client. A well-put-together bodywork program has a healthy mix of both. My primary approach consists of a combination of:, Manual Ligament Therapy, Applied Movement Neurology, Active Isolated Stretching and PNF Stretch Technique is a crucial and fundamental therapy some clients have had longer lasting results when paired with other treatments like Massage, Herbalism, Reiki, and chiropractic care. I work one on one with my clients to create a holistic wellness plan and focus on movement goals. I take all aspects of their health and wellness into consideration, and I have successfully helped clients from all walks of life achieve freedom in their bodies. From fitness enthusiasts and marathoners to surgical patients with complicated injuries, Movement Therapies are a proven tool for everyone and have been used for thousands of years. If you’re looking for sustained relief and optimal wellness, call us and we can do a quick consultation.

Lay Sot Lead LMT

I am an LMT in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts I serve Brockton and The South Shore. With 18 years experience, in Massage Therapy, and Traditional Cambodian/Khmer Medicine and Body Treatments. My knowledge takes the best of the Ancient Orient and the best of the Western Modalities to provide a unique, healing and compassionate experience unlike anything in New England. I am known for my Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Aroma Therapy, Stretch Massage techniques, Prenatal Massage and South East Asian Modalities. In addition to these Western Modalities I practice Khors Kha Chal, Gua Sha, Turmeric Therapies, and Herbal Compresses. Khors Kha Chal and Gua Sha are Ancient Scraping technique used for Lymphatic Drainage or Myofascial Restriction. With my modality knowledge I can provide a high end yet traditional experience.