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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a traditional form of healing going back thousands of years that involves manual manipulations of the body. Some times people get massage to release tight muscles, or recover faster after surgery, other times it is simply to detach from the world and float on a cloud of nothingness for an hour. Massage Therapists must be licensed and insured by the state to practice massage. Massage can raise your body's happy chemicals like serotonin and dopamine, massage can help flush the body out of toxins, break down adhesions and knots, release painful trigger points among a few benefits. We are sure we have a way to help you relax and recover from the overworking of life and be a place of relaxation and peace.


Bodywork while similar to massage has its own practices. It is in no way massage therapy. SOme modalities have herbal focuses using foot baths, herbal compresses, ointments and salves for a specific reason often integrating herbal teas and other ointments, protocols and topicals. herbalism on the body can help with inflammation such as a turmeric steam or herbal clay treatment. Body work modalities have their own disciplines and methods and is independent often based on tradition and in no way regulated by the massage board. Bodywork preserves tangible cultural heritage and focuses on the intent of healing. Body work can include eastern modalities modalites like Kars Ko Chal which is a Khmer Detox Therapy along the Thoracic Lymphnodes. Thai Yoga is an other form of bodywork using assisted yoga compression and energy points and lines to release tension. Some other forms of body work can include Shiatsu and Tui Na which are similar to acupuncture but do not use needles to release the meridian points life force points based on eastern and ayurvedic medicine.

Assisted Resistance Stretching

Are you feeling less flexible, a little stressed out? Do you feel the cold making you more tense? , Assisted Stretching may be great for you. This is a therapeutic modality with profound results. How does this work? You will be fully clothed on a table, and you will be stretching various muscles with the aid of a Stretch Therapist. They will help put you in the positions needed to stretch muscles bothering you. You may be put in one position and be asked to provide resistance against your Stretch Therapist. This helps increase the range of motion and flexibility (the amount of distance you can move a certain muscle). These sessions are typically an hour and a great half an hour (30 Minute) add on to any service

Personal Training

Did you gain weight during the pandemic or have weakness in one muscle group, maybe you went to the gym and just don't know how to form your own fitness plan. We can help we have high impact and low impact modalities custom to your body and individual needs. Did you know that serotonin and dopamine are your brains happy chemicals? A lack of these chemicals in the brain can be attributed to depression. With the cold grey sky's and lightless new england cold winter coming up this is a perfect time to get active beat the winter fatigue, and get the beach body ready for the cape or spring break. Let's get active and start healing with the right Personal Trainer for you.

Herbalism and Holistic Health Counseling

are you interested in learning how to support your body with botanicals and plant based substances? Do you want to learn how to maintain your wellness and learn ancient knowledge on how to heal and support your body yourself? We can help you learn how to apply these herbs at your own risk of course and educate you on what herbs can do for you body, how to prepare them. This is a powerful modality we always recommend talking to your doctor before making any lifestyle modifications and while we do not treat or cure any diseases we can show you ho to support your body systems to maintain balance, and create alternative medicines. Did you know garlic and honey syrup was used as an antiviral and bronchial support supplement in the USA around great depression times this syrup was for some an essential chest cold medicine on the old farms 100 years ago.

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